6 Ways To Market Your Local Business on YouTube

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As the owner of a local business, you have a very specific audience — you’re in a great position to create content of real value to your audience.

YouTube might seem like an endeavor better-suited to large-scale enterprises, yet no matter how big or small your business may be, there is a great chance that many of your customers consume video content on a daily basis.

Furthermore, as almost a third of mobile searches have local intent, you will be combining the ease of use offered by video content, with the targeted approach of location-based marketing. Utilizing YouTube to increase the reach of your business does not need to be a mammoth task. But just in case you’re not convinced yet, here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

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1. Create Playlists To Guide Users Through Your Content

When someone comes across one of your videos, they may be keen to see more. However, depending on the variety of content offered, and the nature of their search, users could be deterred if they cannot quickly find what they’re looking for.

Playlists are a fantastic means of combating this issue, while simultaneously giving you some input into the user’s journey through your content. This could mean collating all of your Q&A videos, or even creating a playlist containing all content that mentions a particular product. These lists can also be used to guide users through a carefully constructed brand narrative, with the ultimate aim to get them to visit your store and make a purchase.

2. Boost SEO With Titles

boost seoAs with any of your content, YouTube videos are more easily discovered and are more valuable to your SEO if they include carefully selected keywords. Try to include your target words or phrases in the title, description, and meta tags, where possible.

As a local business, your business gains a further boost from social proof, particularly if your content is shared on social media, or similar platforms, where it is most likely to be seen by others in your area. The more your content inspires positive interactions, the greater the impact on your business’ authority and reputation.

As such, social sharing and feedback can be just as beneficial to your SEO optimization strategy as the keywords themselves.

3. Utilize YouTube Marketing Tools

you tubeCreating content for YouTube is not just about producing and uploading videos. There are several tools available that can help you to ensure that content reaches the right people at the right time. This includes targeted advertising on other YouTube content, in addition to reaching users via recommendations of your content.

For example, the recently introduced Director Mix technology enables you to upload multiple variations on a single advert, so users can be presented with a version that is carefully tailored to their needs.

You might even benefit from exploring opportunities for collaboration with other brands, creators, or social influencers. This not only boosts authority and provides you with an opportunity to widen your audience, but also serves as a variation on your existing content.

4. Showcase Products

When customers are looking for a specific product, often a photograph and a description is simply not sufficient to secure a sale. However, the video gives you the option to show off the best features of a product, demonstrate how to use it, and even provide information on its background and how it is manufactured.

These insights can significantly boost consumer confidence in a product, while also adding authority to your business’ reputation. In addition, they can be used to build up anticipation for upcoming products. For example, you could reveal features, offer sneak peeks behind the scenes, and even answer queries about the upcoming product.

5. Host Live Events

YouTube is not just for prerecorded content. You can also use it to host live video streams. To set this up quickly, simply launch a live event using Google Hangouts On Air. Alternatively, you can use one of a range of encoders, depending on your needs and preferences.

Live video is a fantastic way to connect with your audience and give them a sense of truly engaging with you and your business. Furthermore, live-streaming can also be a more time and cost-effective means of creating video content, as it removes the need for post-processing.

  • Host a Q&A. You can either ask your audience to send in questions beforehand or take them directly from the stream chat.
  • Broadcast a launch party. This is a great way to build excitement about a new product, store opening, or seasonal event.
  • Create a podcast. If you find that live-streaming suits you, then you might decide to set up a regular podcast. This gives you the opportunity to connect regularly with your audience and gives them a reason to keep checking back for new content.

6. Make The Most Of Your Google My Business Profile

Finally, you can also use your content to literally put your business on the map. Google’s Local Search feature now supports YouTube video, meaning that your business entry on Google Maps can be fleshed out with some carefully chosen video content. And local map ads can help your content go even further.

In addition, Google now uses Maps data to improve recommendations. In fact, searches conducted from mobile devices now display local results above all others.

As such, providing you’ve filled in your details correctly, your business is even more likely to show up in searches for people in your local area. This includes video searches, so this is the perfect opportunity to wow your primary target audience with your content, and convince them to stop by and check out your store.

YouTube marketing does not need to compromise your existing strategy, nor do you need to set aside a massive chunk of your budget to make this course of action viable.

As with all areas of marketing, you can do a lot on a shoestring, and there is always the option of scaling up your efforts in the future. In the meantime, focus on delivering a clear, positive message to your audience, and keeping them engaged with regular, quality content.

The more people become aware of your video content, the faster your audience will grow. This, in turn, will enable you to develop your business on the local level, or may even put you in a position to take things to the next level.

Whatever you decide, devoting some of your time to a YouTube marketing campaign is a smart move for any business. And as a final bonus, everything you learn can be applied to future ventures, giving you a headstart in the competitive landscape of digital marketing.





Kayleigh Toyra: Content Strategist

Half-Finnish, half-British marketer based in Bristol. I love to write and explore themes like storytelling and customer experience marketing. I manage a small team of writers at a boutique agency.


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