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Content Amplifed – Sponsored Content

Content Amplifed (as the name signifies) offers a special “Sponsored Content” strategy for the serious brands and online entrepreneurs. We have access to a wide network of high ranking websites where we publish a precisely crafted and business oriented content specifically geared for the promotion of your brand. But before you decide to use our high exposure gaining “Sponsored Content” plan, let us tell you briefly how it helps your organization get the desired exposure online.

Getting Your Site Linked & Exposed On Reputable Networks Increases Your Business Value:

This is a very famous aspect of proper SEO and online marketing; increasing your brand exposure via sponsoring your content on reputable sites is the best way to rank higher and build your trustworthiness. For example, how about if an article publishes on The Times or Chicago Tribune site mentioning your business and backlinking to it?

Obviously, these sites have the highest number of subscribers with the highest trust ratio as well, and exposing your brand over there means securing trust and obtaining a high number of incoming traffic from there to your site. Content Amplify takes care of this job on your behalf as we are an authorized partner for promotional content on a wide range of reputable sites on the web.

Broadest Distribution Of Content:

We ensure that your brand is promoted to the widest audience we have in our grasp. Our content marketing network is one of the hugest online with an inclusion of hundreds and thousands of sites across the “World Wide Web”. By using our “Sponsored Content” plan, make sure you keep your website up-to-date and error-free because of the huge incoming traffic you will receive via our channels of promotion.

High-Quality Editing & Writing Services For You To Avail:

f you are not good at telling stories via enticing words, Content Amplify can do this job for you as well. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professional writers/editors who know how to play with words in the most literal sense.

We provide both content editing and writing services for those of our clients who lacks the service of a writer to tell stories on their behalf and promote their brand online. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Content Amplify and rocket-boost your online promotional and content activities and give your site the desired exposure you are always after so eagerly.

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